WINIcabs connects you to a taxi within 5 minutes of your location.

Simply call 07 66 55 44 33 or use the WINIcabs app.


You get a text with your driver's details.


No cash? You can pay by an I.O.U. with UCDSU. Cash and Card payments are also available.

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UCD Students Union has teamed up with WINIcabs to bring you a new and revolutionary taxi experience. WINIcabs connects you directly to the nearest taxi in a flash, and after talking to your driver, you get an SMS with their details so you know who to look out for.

If you are using the WINIcabs app you will be able to see your driver coming to you. At the end of your journey you can pay by Cash, Card, or charge an I.O.U. to UCD Students Union. If you charge an I.O.U. to the Students Union just pay the journey back within a week and you can charge an I.O.U. again.

After your journey is complete, you can rate your ride and view your journey in-app or on By rating your ride we can be sure to give you and your friends the best possible taxi service.

We hope you enjoy the service! Let us know how you got on on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


To use the UCDSU Student Taxi service (Slán Abhaile) simply register on this website. You will also need to verify that you are a student with the Students Union by presenting your student card at the Students Union offices.

During freshers week (Sept 10th - 17th) we will also be verifying and signing up students at the SU stand. Pop by and say hello to the WINI team!

Throughout the year we'll be doing lots of giveaways on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to follow us for WINIcabs and competition news.